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Conference of North zone orthopedics association held at AIIMS



Rishikesh, 15 Feb: Orthopedic specialist physicians reached Rishikesh AIIMS from different countries,discussed and shared their experience in adopting latest technology and various better means of treatment in the treatment of bone and joint disease. Inaugurating this three-day conference of multi-benefit, Professor Ravikant, Director, AIIMS Rishikesh, said that new technology will be brought to AIIMS globally for complete and successful treatment of bone diseases, so that better and cheaper treatment can also be provided to common poor patients.
The three-day conference started under the aegis of North Zone Orthopedic Association at AIIMS Rishikesh, All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Apart from Uttarakhand, expert doctors from various provinces of Haryana, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi and other states are participating in the three-day conference. Apart from this, expert doctors from countries like Singapore, Germany, England, Netherlands etc. are also attending the conference. On this occasion, three different workshops related to different disciplines are being conducted. Professor Ravikant, Director of AIIMS Rishikesh, said that sharing of experiences of orthopedic specialists from the country and abroad will benefit in the medical field as well as in the treatment of patients with bone and joint disease. He said that the aim of AIIMS is to provide proper and cheap treatment to poor people. He said that all the techniques being adopted worldwide for the treatment of all diseases related to bone joints will be brought in AIIMS. It is said that AIIMS Institute is ready to send PG students and trainee doctors studying in AIIMS to get technology and experience abroad, so that AIIMS can benefit from their experience. Sharing the latest technology and experience around the world will be of particular benefit in the diagnosis of orthopedics. He described this conference as very profitable.
Addressing the conference, Dr. Pankaj Kandwal, Head of the Institute of Orthopedics said that not only Uttarakhand but patients from all regions will be benefited by sharing of technology and experience. The method of changing the joints affected by arthritis with the help of robots, training of the method of transplanting half of the knee joint in people under the age of 50, due to cancer of bones and damaged, training of reconstructed joints, straightening of deformed limbs through external stabilization system, straightening congenital crooked limbs and training to put the incision without bone fracture were part of the shared experiences. Dr. Frank Gokhale from Germany, Dr. Rajesh Nanda from England and Dr. Professor Qamar Azam from AIIMS Rishikesh threw light on the latest methods of shoulder jointing. In the second session, Dr. Robik Paul of AIIMS explained the importance of using MRI in the treatment of joints. Orthopedic Dr. Tahir Ansari from AIIMS Delhi and Dr. PS Bhandari from Haldhani, spoke on technology in the treatment of nerve injury, as well as the method of transfer of nerves, as well as the treatment of the hand that has been weakened due to brachial plexus injury from muscle transfer. Dr. Tarun Goyal of AIIMS Rishikesh gave a lecture on the method of operation of hip joint. Dr. Vijay Kumar of AIIMS Delhi and Dr. Ramesh San of PGI Chandigarh explained the method of balancing muscle in the hip joint. Dr. Mohit Dhingra shared his experiences on early detection of bone cancer in early stages.
Dr. Sunil Dhar, Dr. Sandeep Cooper of England, Dr. Sobha Arora, Senior Professor of AIIMS Rishikesh, Dr. Vivek Singh, Dr. RB Kalia, Dr. Bhaskar, Dr. Pradeep, Dr. Mohit Dhingada, Dr. Sudhir Kapoor, Dr. RB Kala, Dr. Pradeep Meena, Dr. Syed Iftekar, etc. also shared their experiences.