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Cong holds meeting at Rajeev Bhawan to condole Gen Rawat’s death



DEHRADUN, 9 Dec: Congress leaders and workers under the leadership of State President Ganesh Godiyal paid their tearful tributes by lighting a lamp in front of the portrait of Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat at the Uttarakhand Pradesh Congress Committee office. The Congress party suspended all its programmes for three days by bowing the party flag at half-mast, as well as Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat and all his companions who were killed in the accident along with him. They paidtearful tributes to the military officers and his religious wife. On this occasion, State Congress President Ganesh Godiyal said that the brave soldiers of Uttarakhand had made an important contribution in protecting the country’s borders since independence, which could never be forgotten. The brave soldiers of Uttarakhand never backed down in sacrificing their everything to protect the borders of the country and made many sacrifices for the unity, integrity and sovereignty of the country. Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat was one of those brave martyrs who brought laurels to the state of Uttarakhand not only in the country but in the whole world. He said that whether there was a border dispute with the neighbouring countries or the problem of terror, he encouraged the soldiers of the country to protect the country fearlessly. His commendable contribution to the Indian Army could never be forgotten, his services rendered for the defence of the country would always be remembered and a grateful nation would always remember him for his courageous decisions. Among those who paid tribute were former minister Dinesh Agarwal, former minister Matwar Singh Kandari, state vice president Jot Singh Bisht, MLA Harish Dhami, Dhirendra Pratap, general secretary Mathuradutt Joshi, Rajendra Shah, Naveen Joshi, PK Agarwal, Yakub Siddiqui, Godavari Thapli, Rajendra Bhandari, Major Harisingh Chaudhary, spokesperson Garima Dasoni, Shanti Rawat, Dr Pratima Singh, Surendra Rangad, Kiran Dalakoti, Shanti Prasad Bhatt, Jitendra Bisht, Rajesh Chamoli, Kamlesh Raman, Sunit Singh Rathore, Darshan Lal, Rakesh Negi, Puran Singh Rawat, Anil Rawat, Adhir Chamoli, Rajendra Danu, Satish Patwal, Suleman Ali, Mohan Kala, Diwakar Chamoli, Vineet Prasad Bhatt, Vishamber Dutt Bonthiyal etc.