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Cong indulges in divisive politics of appeasement: Dhami



DEHRADUN, 24 Apr: Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami also has reacted sharply to the statement of Indian Overseas Congress president Sam Pitroda’s advocacy for Inheritance Tax in India on the lines of US. It may be recalled that Indian Overseas Congress President Sam Pitroda has allegedly advocated implementing Inheritance Tax in the country on the lines of US. This statement of Pitroda has created political upheaval in Congress with the BJP getting the opportunity to claim that Congress wants to take away the wealth of the common man. This allegation of the BJP also resonates with the promise made in the Congress manifesto regarding conducting a SocioEconomic survey in the country and also a recent speech of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi who had promised re-distribution of wealth of the country.

Reacting sharply on this issue, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami posted a comment on his social media handles, where he accused the Congress of intending to plunder the country. He wrote that the party which intends to loot the country wants to conduct a survey of the public’s property and acquire the personal property of the people who have acquired their properties through their hard work. Dhami further said that Congress wants to indulge in divisive and votebank politics through appeasement of a particular section of the society.