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Cong indulging in politics over ‘attack on Parliament’: Bhatt


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 14 Dec: The BJP has termed the opposition’s statements on the conspiracy to intrude into Parliament House as unfortunate. State BJP President Mahendra Bhatt today said that even before the investigation, the Opposition should avoid taking political advantage of this unfortunate incident.

Bhatt was speaking informally with media persons at BJP State Headquarters, here, today.

Bhatt strongly condemned politicisation of this intrusion into Parliament. He stressed that the Opposition’s claim that it was a reflection of the anger of the youth is a political conspiracy to trick and instigate the youth of the country and use them to further its political agenda. Bhatt added that the incident is still under investigation and that most of the accused have been caught and soon the conspiracy behind this treasonous act would also soon be exposed. Looking at the faces of those who committed this crime, it appears that their aim is to create ruckus and tarnish the image of India which is moving towards becoming a developed nation.

Bhatt claimed that the investigating agencies will soon expose this conspiracy and bring forward the real culprits, but till then the political parties should speak responsibly in this serious matter. But, unfortunately, this is not happening and all the opposition including Congress are making irresponsible statements for immediate political gains. Some are trying to dilute this audacity in opposing Modi by calling them misguided youth and some by calling the act as an expression of anger by the youth. Bhatt expressed confidence that the security agencies will soon teach a lesson to the traitors of this conspiracy and the public to those who take political advantage of it.