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Cong leaders continue to raise doubt about EVMs: Suresh Joshi

In a statement issued today, BJP’s chief state spokesperson Suresh Joshi accused the Congress leaders of once again raising the bogey of manipulation in the EVMsJoshi claimed that the Congress leaders have sensed a major defeat for the party at the hands of the BJP candidates in Uttarakhand and elsewhere in the country and are therefore seeking to lay the blame on EVMs once again.
Joshi reminded that the Supreme Court has once again cleared all doubts regarding possibility of manipulation or hacking of the EVMs and given a clean chit to the EVMs in this regard. However the Congress leadership does not intend to put at rest its baseless doubts regarding the EVMs perhaps in view of a stinging defeat facing them.
Joshi claimed that before the polling, Congress was raising various other issues. However after first two phases of polling, it has realised that a major defeat awaits it and therefore is trying to shift the blame on to the EVMs. The BJP leader claimed that as per the ground realities as assessed by the BJP leadership, the BJP is managing a clean sweep in these elections. The majority of the people want to see Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister for the third straight time.