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Cong leaders suffering from Sanatan phobia: Manveer Chauhan


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 18 Jan: BJP today claimed that Congress leaders in Uttarakhand and in the rest of the country are suffering from Sanatan Phobia and are still not hesitating to describe the Ram Temple as Babri Masjid due to their obsession with the appeasement of a certain section of the minorities.

BJP state media in-charge Manveer Singh Chauhan was commenting on the statement given by former minister and senior Congress leader Nav Prabhat in Vikas Nagar, who has allegedly claimed that the Ram Temple was originally a mosque. Chauhan stated that, on the one hand, some Congress leaders are indulging in a political drama by holding Ramayana Path recital and organising Havan ceremonies on 22 January parallel to the Pran Pratishtha to be held in Ayodhya and, on the other, some others were still referring to the Ram Temple as the Babri mosque.

Chauhan claimed that the whole country is excited about the Pran Pratishtha and there is immense enthusiasm in the public mind regarding the ceremony, but some Congressmen are not able to digest it. He said that former minister Nav Prabhat is also calling Hanuman Garhi, a source of terror which is condemnable. Lord Hanuman is a major source of divinity in Sanatan culture, but the comments of these so-called secular people towards Lord Hanuman are highly objectionable. Chauhan claimed that Nav Prabhat has called Hanumangarhi as an epicentre of communal riots, and that this reflects his low-level thinking towards Sanatan Dharma.

Chauhan said that no matter how much Congress insults Sanatan, the public will respond to it effectively during the upcoming parliamentary polls. He claimed that it is a fact that Congressmen have developed Sanatan phobia.