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Cong raises issues of recruitment scams, stray animal menace


By Arun Pratap Singh

Bhararisain, 15 Mar: Congress members today raised the issue of recruitment scams in the state. This issue was raised by the Leader of the Opposition, Yashpal Arya, and Pritam Singh amongst others. Raising the issue, Arya condemned the government for the lathi-charge on the unemployed youth who were protesting against the recruitment scams. He also claimed that the government had failed to ensure fair and free recruitment tests and alleged that many of the accused were close to the leaders of the ruling party and that the government was deliberately avoiding a CBI inquiry into the scams. He said that many of the accused had managed to get out on the bail because of the government’s apathy. He also said that the government was not taking seriously its own promises made in the House and cited the example of the Shifan Court case of Mussoorie, where he said that despite promising rehabilitation to the evictees in a categorical statement made on the floor of the House, now the government was hiding behind the High Court’s decision.

Pritam Singh claimed that, on the one hand, the government claimed that many of the recruitment scams were done during the Congress rule and on the other it was not agreeing to the Congress’s demand for CBI inquiry into the recruitment scams. He also claimed that, while some of the examinations were declared as doubtful and were cancelled, some of the recruitment exams had not been cancelled.

Vikram Singh Bisht raise the issue of Shifan Court evacuees and claimed that they were forced to spend cold winter nights of Mussoorie in the open.

Bhuwan Kapri raised the issue of stray animals and pointed out that, despite tall claims, the government is not taking care of stray cattle and in many cities and villages there is no place to shelter sick and stray animals. In many places, the Kanji Houses don’t not have space to accommodate more animals. He also raised the issue of stray dogs biting people and wild animals destroying the crops. Gopal Singh Rana also raised the issue of wild animals destroying the crops and also becoming reasons for accidents.  Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prem Chand Aggarwal responded to the issues raised by the members.

All these issues were raised under Call Attention Motion under Rule 58 of the Assembly Proceeding rules.

Earlier, as soon as the House began its sitting, the Opposition members created a ruckus. At the same time the Congress members strongly opposed the move of suspension of the Congress members by the Speaker. Pritam Singh termed the action as against the rules.  In the House, the opposition proposed a system regarding the suspension, which Congress leader Pritam Singh called against the rules. On the other hand, Munna Singh Chauhan and Parliamentary Affairs Minister urged Speaker Ritu Khanduri Bhushan to cancel the suspension proceedings. The Assembly Speaker justified her action and said that her decision is strictly in accordance with the rules. Meanwhile, Congress continues to protest demanding a CBI probe into corruption in recruitment examinations.