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Cong scared of making public its antiSanatan agenda: Mahendra Bhatt



DEHRADUN 22 Apr: BJP State President Mahendra Bhatt today claimed that the Congress had outsourced the drafting of its election manifesto but it now stands exposed regarding its antiSanatan agenda and is now scared of making public these resolutions.

In an informal interaction with media persons here, today, Bhatt claimed that the hidden agenda of looting the country on the basis of socio-economic survey is very evident in the Congress manifesto called Nyaya Patra. This has been very strongly exposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his election speeches. PM Narendra Modi has exposed the injustice being planned for the majority community in Congress’s Nyaya Patra. This is the reason why it has become difficult for all the Congress leaders from Delhi to Dehradun to show their faces in front of the public. The ideological void in Congress has become so great that they get their manifesto made from the leftists. Not only this, they promise a socioeconomic survey in the manifesto but the Congress leaders are afraid to accept it publicly. This is the reason why when Modi discussed this in public, leaving the Congress rattled. Everyone knows that, in the survey, redistribution of wealth has been mentioned which includes the movable and immovable assets of the people including jewellery of women but now that Modi has exposed this, the Congress leaders are hesitant in accepting it due to fear of public displeasure.

Reminding the statement of former PM Manmohan Singh, he asked how the Congress could deny the promise it had made about first right of Muslim minorities on the country’s resources. Bhatt also sought to know why Congress wants to give protection to infiltrators by taking back CAA. This is the reason that, when the survey is done, action will also be taken and the policy of first right to resources will also be implemented. The public knows very well that Congress has been following the policy of minority appeasement. The only difference today is that now they do all this secretly in closed rooms and in the language of manifestos.

Bhatt said that the latest example of government taking over the property of Sanatan is Karnataka, where the Congress government is working on the policy of levying 10 percent tax on temple offerings. Similarly, in Tamil Nadu, the government is in control of the management of Maths and the Temples. Whereas in Kerala, the communist government has even objected to use of saffron colour inside the temples. The minority appeasement is the reason why Congress has included this policy in the manifesto from the leftists and is not announcing it publicly due to fear of resentment.