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Cong should first implement its promises in states ruled by it: Kaushik


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 24 Jan: The BJP today claimed that Congress had openly looted the state during its rule but was now shamelessly claiming corruption existed during the BJP Government’s term. In a statement issued today, BJP State President Madan Kaushik sought to remind that Congress was the party whose Chief Minister had been openly caught on camera giving permission to his cabinet colleagues to plunder the state and now the party was shamelessly putting up slogans like ‘Char Dham Char Kaam’. Kaushik was commenting on the Congress slogan released today by the Chhattisgarh CM, Bhupesh Baghel, in Dehradun.
Kaushik alleged that the chief ministers and other Congress leaders from other states were coming to Uttarakhand and making huge promises on giving cheap gas cylinders, better health facilities and large scale employment but they first ought to ensure that these facilities were provided to the people in the states ruled by the Congress before making such promises in Uttarakhand. He claimed further that Congress was used to making hollow promises, which was evident from the fact that none of these promises had been fulfilled in the Congress ruled states.
Madan Kaushik warned the people of the state and said that the same Congress leaders who were seen putting hats on each others’ heads during their manifesto release function, would soon try to fool the people of Uttarakhand.
Kaushik further claimed that, till the other day, some veteran Congress leaders who were calling each other names and raising question marks on the character of some other leaders, were now welcoming the same leaders into their party fold in the blind greed for the power. He claimed that their aim was not to do four things towards the welfare of the state as they were promising today but to ensure just one thing, which is to plunder the state with new means of corruption. The BJP leader claimed that the public would not trust the false claims of the Congress party, which had failed to ensure any development during its rule in Uttarakhand.
Kaushik dared Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel, who released the Congress manifesto for the Uttarakhand elections, today, to first should implement the promises made by him in his own state. He alleged that, first of all, all the promises of the Congress manifesto were false and the credibility of the Congress party was also zero. The people of Uttarakhand would not fall in the trap laid for them by the Congress and that they had made up their mind in favour of BJP.