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Cong should not treat youth as political tools: Bhatt

By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun, 26 August: The BJP has accused the Congress of making youth political pawns for political gains. BJP State President, Mahendra Bhatt today said that the Congress has been trying to make political gains by provoking the unemployed for a long time, which is unfortunate and the Congress cannot escape those questions.
He claimed that Congress is plotting to spoil the atmosphere of Bageshwar in view of a possible defeat. Any attempt to maintain law and order should have been welcomed, but the statements of the Congress leaders clearly show that they are treating the youth as their political pawns for the sake of personal gains.
Mahendra Bhatt while talking to the media asserted if a person goes to campaign in any election, he goes in favour of someone or the other and for that permission has to be taken by the  party or candidate concerned. No one can be allowed to spoil the atmosphere in the name of publicity. The administration has taken appreciable action under the direction of the Election Commission regarding this entire episode, which should have been appreciated by all the parties and candidates. But the way the rampant unrestrained statements of Congress leaders are coming out regularly, the role of Congress is looking suspicious. He said, the election campaign is going on in a peaceful manner under the supervision of the Election Commission in Bageshwar by-election. Enjoying the democratic traditions, the local public has almost made its opinion by examining the candidates on their respective issues and aspirations. The public is fully convinced of the unforgettable works done by late Chandan Ramdas for regional development and the work done by double engine government in Bageshwar. The people have already made up their mind to vote in favour of the BJP candidate. But the leaders of the Congress party have realised all this and that is the reason why they have started their last hour effort by conspiring to spoil the atmosphere.
Bhatt further alleged that the Congress has been trying to provoke the unemployed for a long time, which is unfortunate. But the Congress has crossed all limits in respect of Bageshwar. The Congress should clarify for which party the alleged youth leader, Bobby Panwar had gone to Bageshwar because they have the maximum objection. And if he went to defeat the BJP then in whose support did he go. If he has gone to other parties also, other parties should also make it clear that he had gone to Bageshwar for their campaign. But the way the Congress created hue and cry about his arrest and leveled all the allegations against the government, its fury is clearly evident.