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Congress misleading on Anil Baluni being outsider: Ravindra Jugran


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun 28 Mar: BJP today hit back at the Congress over the “confusion” being spread that BJP candidate from Garhwal (Pauri) seat, Anil Baluni is an outsider or a parachute candidate. Addressing the media at the State Election Media Centre of BJP here, today, senior BJP leader Ravindra Jugran said that the reality is that it is the Congress candidate Ganesh Godiyal who is an outsider and a Mumbaikar. It is ironic that someone who has been based in Mumbai has been making false claims about Anil Baluni being an outsider. Jugran, citing the information given by Godiyal in his nomination documents, showed that almost all the information including business, house, education, car and family provide evidence of his being an outsider (based in Mumbai) and he is falsely accusing others of being outsiders. Jugran reminded that Godiyal had come to Uttarakhand for a political career here in the year 2003 from Mumbai and was now issuing certificates to others who are outsiders and who are not.

Jugran took a dig at the Congress Pauri candidate, Ganesh Godiyal, for being an outsider on the basis of the affidavit given during nomination.

He said that the Congress Party is continuously making false and absurd allegations against the BJP candidate through social media and other means. Godiyal’s documents given to the Election Commission show that all his properties are in Maharashtra, which are his major source of income. His business is also located in Maharashtra while he had been educated in Pune, Maharashtra. Jugran expressed surprise that a person who grew up in Mumbai and still is doing business there is accusing others of being outsiders. This, he claimed was an insult to those Uttarakhandis who are living in Delhi or other places across the country to make a living.

Jugran claimed that Godiyal had nothing to do with Uttarakhand before the formation of the state and had come here right at the time of elections. It is surprising that the same Mumbaikars, after coming here, are now distributing certificates to others of being a resident or outsider. He alleged that Congress and its candidates are without any real issues and vision and therefore are raking up irrelevant issues. They are well aware of the development taking place in the state and therefore are scared of approaching the people on the issue of development. The great and self-respecting people of Garhwal know who stands with them in their happiness and sorrow, who cares about their self-respect, who has been working continuously for the development of their area, who becomes their voice and represents their issues in the Parliament.

During the press conference, state media in-charge Manveer Singh Chauhan, co-media in-charge Rajendra Negi, Rajeev Talwar, state spokesperson Sunita Vidyarthi, Honey Pathak were prominently present.