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Congress’s Raj Bhavan march was just a hoax: Bipin Kainthola

By Our Staff Reporter 
Dehradun, 23 Dec: BJP state spokesperson Bipin Kainthola has accused Congress of descending to the lowest ebb of ideological and mental bankruptcy.
Taking aim at him, he said, today the Congress party neither trusts the constitutional institutions of the country nor the people holding constitutional posts. This is the party whose national president even gives an affidavit in the court raising questions on the existence of Lord Ram. Kainthola said that his party leaders and workers, while hating Modi, have also started hating constitutional institutions. The latest example of which is that if someone makes indecent remarks or makes fun of the Vice President holding the constitutional post of the country, then the Congress supports him, that is very unfortunate.
Kainthola further added that Congress’ Raj Bhavan march is just a political gimmick.  He said that today  Congress is standing on the streets whose leaders have not only denied the existence of constitutional institutions from time to time, but have also made strong attacks on the Constitution of the country. Congress leader and former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi defied the constitutional institutions and imposed emergency in the country by suppressing the powers given by the Constitution, in which not only the opposition but even the fourth pillar of the society was not spared, and today it is the same Congress party which hates the opposition leaders to such an extent that it is not leaving even the Vice President sitting on the constitutional post.  The people of the country are watching everything, and they understand very well who is doing what and also knows their history.
He said, the country never forgave the Congress after the Emergency and neither is it going to forgive it today. He also said that the people of the country will definitely take revenge for this misbehavior by returning the yarn to the family and the party.