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Constitution soul of Indian Democracy: Gov



DEHRADUN, 26 Nov: On the occasion of ‘Constitution Day’ celebrated at the Rajbhawan here, today, Governor Baby Rani Maurya said that the Constitution was the soul of Indian democracy and all its powers. The constitution imparts the rights of equality and opportunities without any discrimination based on caste, class, religion or gender. She said that 26 November was also a sacred and respected day for the people of India like 15 August and 26 January. The Indian Constitution had proved its relevance and glory over the past 70 years. She asserted that the Constitution contained the vision of its makers. Dr Ambedkar had said that the constitution was not just a document prepared by lawyers, but a life practice in itself. She added that the constitution not only imparted rights but also duties. “We should be aware of our duties along with the rights for the well being and progress of our nation. The obligation of all the fundamental duties in the constitution should be a supreme duty of all the citizens of India. Developing a scientific temper in society and ensuring education for children are also included in our fundamental duties.” The Governor read out the preamble to the constitution during the programme. Secretary Ramesh Kumar Sudhanshu said that the constitution ensured equality. The Preamble is crisp and a summary of the constitution. Kahkasha Khan, Legal Adviser to the Governor, said that Constitution of India included the best properties of all the constitutions of the world. Citizens had to be aware of their duties along with their fundamental rights. Respecting women and maintaining communal harmony were also fundamental duties. MLA Deshraj Karnwal, officials and guests were present on the occasion.