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Continue with studies, even if there are no exams: RS Negi


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 14 Apr: Covid -19 has brought lots of problems and confusion in all spheres of life. Business, employment, economy and social affairs have suffered and changed considerably. Education has also not been untouched by this pandemic. More than a year has passed without regular classes. Every time students are in confusion about their exams and their future. Due to the second wave of Corona, Governments and Examination bodies are not able to take any firm decision regarding exams. A few students might be happy at not appearing in the exams, but most are anxious to write exams in the appropriate fashion.
Chief Academic Counsellor of Sankalp Samiti, Ravi Singh Negi advises students to have patience, as all students are sailing in the same boat. If the Covid threat continues, like last year, there may be chances that exams will not be conducted up to class X, but class XII exams are inevitable. Even if there are no exams, students have a syllabus to complete. They should study the entire syllabus seriously as if they are preparing for examinations. Studies should not be avoided as that would weaken their basics and concepts of the subjects. Self study is best for better understanding of subjects and this habit would also help in preparing for competitive exams in the future.
To clear their doubts, students have another advantage of online classes nowadays. The very important thing is for them to be positive and manage their time properly.
Proper time management is key to success for every person and in every profession and the same is true for students, too, Negi asserts. There are no schools to attend and a lot of time is saved with closure of tuitions. Students have plenty of time at their disposal. Manage it properly. Besides devoting time for their studies, they must attend to physical fitness and entertainment. They can develop hobbies and learn some musical instrument. They can also take personality development classes online. He warns against wasting time on online games, watching regular serials and movies on phone or television. Do not waste time on excessive sleep. Eight hours sleep is enough, however, a short nap during the day will keep one refresh. Only hard work and sincerity towards studies will provide positive results.