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Continuing Journey



In many ways Garhwal Post mirrors the story of Uttarakhand – the initial impulse for betterment, the struggle for formation, the effort put into realisation of potential. The local voice needed to be heard, the aspirations fulfilled. Garhwal Post, like so many other initiatives, was also the expression of an individual’s dreams – which had been fired by close association with journalism and the challenge posed by ‘national’ and ‘regional’ newspapers that were not local enough, not rooted enough.

Based in Dehradun, Garhwal Post naturally represents its cosmopolitan spirit, which had remained unmanifest but, over time, has been realised to a large extent in numerous ways over the past two decades and a half. The challenges have transformed from that of a sleepy centre of school education and a laidback lifestyle to that of the bustling capital of an ambitious state. During its existence, Garhwal Post has told the emerging story and continues to do so.

In sync with the founder’s own dreams, particular emphasis has come to be placed on what should be the next phase of growth – soft power based on the extraordinary talent of the state’s population. The youth today need encouragement to follow their dreams, build upon the high-quality education they have been provided by exploring their creativity. This includes the arts such as film-making, in which the extraordinary contribution made by Uttarakhandis to the industry, particularly in Mumbai, but also elsewhere, is already evident. Garhwal Post strives to build the necessary mindset through its writings and reportage. The experience of the state’s numerous highly successful residents, who have played their innings for the nation and wish to do so now for the state, is communicated to those who wish to benefit.

Nobody knows more than the mountain people that life is not easy, it involves enormous labour, courage and social bonding to just survive. These qualities when applied to new ventures with the right motivation and objectives naturally perform wonders. Garhwal Post will continue down this path with the help of its contributors, subscribers, advertisers, government and the goodwill of people, so that the dreams of a progressive, cultured and prosperous society can be achieved. It has been, after all, and will remain, for tomorrow’s people.