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Controversial MLA Kunwar Pranav Singh ‘Champion’ back in BJP


By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun, 24 Aug: As had been already indicated by Garhwal Post, earlier, controversial MLA Kunwar Pranav Singh ‘Champion’, who had been expelled last year, was formally inducted back in the BJP fold, here, today.
BJP State President Bansidhar Bhagat made a formal announcement in this regard, today, at his new official residence in Yamuna Colony during a conversation with media persons. It is worth noting that the MLA from Khanpur (District Haridwar) has a penchant for controversies and has been in the news more for the wrong reasons throughout his political career. He was a Congress MLA thrice and after joining BJP in 2016, he was elected MLA for the fourth time in 2017. But fresh controversies involving him had led to his expulsion from the BJP, last year. A video had gone viral in which he was seen threatening a channel reporter at the Uttarakhand Sadan in New Delhi, even as some videos were in circulation that did not suit his stature as MLA. Before the matter could settle down, yet another video of Champion went viral in which he was seen singing and dancing while waving guns and pistols. In the same video, he also was seen abusing Uttarakhand. This video was also ostensibly shot in the Uttarakhand Sadan in New Delhi. It created a political stir in Uttarakhand and, to avoid needless embarrassment, the BJP leadership soon expelled him.
However, after this, Champion, normally in the news for all the wrong reasons and for strange antics, surprisingly became silent and remained disciplined for all the 13 months that he remained expelled. Neither did he make any statement against the government, nor against the party, nor did any controversial actions surface during this period. At the same time, Champion secretly maintained contact with the BJP leaders. Today, speaking to the media persons at his official residence, Bhagat said that the party had decided to pardon Champion following his written apology and promise of disciplined behaviour in the future.
Bhagat also announced that the party had decided to forgive party MLA Deshraj Karnwal, who had been served notice following indiscipline. Bhagat said that the party had been considering forgiving, both, Champion and Karnwal following their written apologies for some time. Both had expressed regret over their past mistakes and it had been observed that, in the past one year, Champion had been behaving in a disciplined manner. The party was hopeful that Champion would not repeat his mistakes in the future. Champion was also present at Bhagat’s residence on the occasion.
Champion said that he sought to be forgiven by the people of Uttarakhand for his mistake and reminded the media that his grandmother, Rani Saraswati Devi, was a daughter of a Thakur Bisht family from Lansdowne Patti (Dwarikhal) of Pauri district, so half of the blood in his family was from the hills of Uttarakhand. He claimed that Uttarakhand was his motherland and if he had made a mistake accidentally, he was confident that the motherland would forgive her son. He again apologised to the people of Uttarakhand and promised not to repeat it in the future. Minister Dhan Singh Rawat and Party Vice President Dr Devendra Bhasin were also present on the occasion.