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Daredevil acts by GCs mesmerise all at IMA Multi Activity Display


By Our Staff Reporter 

Dehradun, 9 Dec: The holistic and the wide spectrum of training imparted to the Gentlemen Cadets at the Indian Military Academy found expression in the Multi Activity Display, here, today. Soldiering is the profession of the valiant and a spirit of adventure remains at its core.

As a prelude to the Passing Out Parade, a Multi-Activity Display exhibiting exceptional standards of skills acquired through various aspects of military training involving spectacular awe inspiring acts of combat and adventure was conducted at the IMA’s Somnath Stadium.

The audience also included various senior dignitaries of military and civil administration, the Commandant, IMA, the Passing Out Course, Instructors and Staff of the Academy. The display started with welcome of the august gathering by Para motorists. The event showcased an ensemble of three hundred Gentlemen Cadets and seventy-five horses displaying the high standards of training, complete synchronisation of actions and physical excellence.

The profession of arms requires a fair element of adventure in the Officer Cadet. Trained in this direction, the Gentlemen Cadets displayed daredevil acts on horseback, which included tent pegging, trick riding and mounted cavalry compliments to the august audience. A recently conceptualised Equestrian Symphony was extremely captivating, performed at night with a synchronised music and light show. This unique display of valiant riders in a synchronized drill executed impressive show jumping over obstacles along with music in complete darkness, a difficult feat to achieve as horses have to negotiate obstacles lit up by LED lights at night.

The  performance also included mass display of gymnastic agility and acrobatic skills showcasing a mix of martial arts exhibiting Muay Thai, Boxing, Karate Katas, Goju Ryu style of Karate, unarmed combat display of Krav Maga, Judo, JuJitsu, and Aikido with Power Yoga (Tadasana, Padtrikansan,Veerbhadrasan and Suryanamaskar).