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DDLF’s Poetry Evening ‘Khayalkari’ Enchants Doon’s Poetry Enthusiasts

By Our Staff Reporter 
Dehradun, 23 Sept: The Dehradun Literature Festival, renowned for its celebration of literature and the arts, celebrated an evening of poetry under its DDLF Unplugged banner at MJ Residency today. Titled ‘Khayalkari – Baithak with Saumya’ this immersive poetry event transported attendees on a literary journey through time, featuring the enchanting verses of revered Indian poets, both past and present.
The program commenced with a poetry rendition by Lawyer and poet Atul Pundir. During the occasion, Pundir graced the audience with recitations of his compositions, delving into themes of heartbreaks and human desires. Addressing the captivated audience, Pundir expressed, “When a person writes any poem, one of the most cherished dreams of a poet is that their words turn into melodies or take on the form of a song. My son, Siddhant, has breathed life into my verses.”
In a heartfelt moment, he shared his own composition that he wrote for his son, “Maangu Main Ye Dua, Meri Umar Tujhe Lag Jaaye; Ho Poori Teri Har Khwaish, Jo Chahey Wahi Tu Paaye”.
The event’s host and featured poetess, Saumya Kulshreshtha, recited the poetry of several poets from all around the world. She was accompanied by musician Harish Budhwani on guitar. She commenced her session with the recitals of the renowned poetess Amrita Pritam and spoke about Amrita’s autobiography titled Raseedi Ticket. She also recited Amrita Pritam’s famous Punjabi poem ‘Main Tenu Phir Milangi’. During the program, she also recited poems by numerous other poets including Jaun Elia, Ahmad Faraz, Hussain Baruhi, Munir Niazi, and Saghar Khayyami, among many more.
Sharing her sentiments, Saumya said, “Curating and reciting the verses of both renowned and contemporary poets from around the globe was a privilege. Poetry has the power to transcend time and touch the soul, and it was heartening to see our audience connect so deeply with these poetic expressions.”
Samraant Virmani, Founder and Director of the Dehradun Literature Festival, expressed his enthusiasm for this poetic carnival, stating, “The essence of literature is not confined to books alone; it’s the living, breathing words that captivate our hearts. ‘Khayalkari‘ aimed to bring this essence to life, celebrating the rich tapestry of Indian poetry, and I am delighted to witness the warmth and appreciation it received from our vibrant literary community.”
The event was a treat for the poetry enthusiasts of Dehradun, who came together to relish the beauty of words and the magic of literature.
The Dehradun Literature Festival is an annual cultural extravaganza that celebrates the diverse world of literature, art, and ideas. It provides a platform for renowned authors, poets, artists, and intellectuals to engage with a passionate audience, fostering a love for literature and the arts in the heart of Dehradun.