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Debate held on Simultaneous Polls at Law College Dehradun


DEHRADUN, 26 Feb: A debate on holding simultaneous Parliamentary and Assembly elections was organised today at Law College Dehradun, Uttaranchal University.
Chancellor Jitender Joshi was the Chief Guest, while Dr Abhishek Joshi, Director, IT Services & Student Affairs, and Prof (Dr) Rajesh Bahuguna, Dean & Principal, Law College Dehradun, were the other distinguished guests. Aman Rab, Pradeep Sati and Kumar Ashutosh were the judges of the debating competition.
The topic of the debate was “All Parliamentary and Legislative Elections should be held simultaneously in India”. Eight participants spoke for and against the motion in the seminar hall. Participants displayed their oratorical and argumentative skills. Those speaking for the motion argued that holding simultaneous elections to Parliament and Legislative bodies would ensure government efficiency, stability and prevent unnecessary expenditure that accompanies separate elections. However, it was opposed by other participants on the ground of infeasibility, lack of resources, absence of literacy and, also, for the sake of greater democracy.
The judges declared Nitesh Kumar as the Best Hindi Debater of the Year, while Somya Saluja was adjudged the Best English Debater.
The winners received cash prizes and a rolling trophy from the Chancellor. He also presented scholarships to the distinguished students up to the volume of Rs 84,000 for their excellent academic performances. Other participants also received cash prizes.
Speaking on the occasion, Chancellor Joshi maintained that debating was an indispensable part of the legal profession, as it enabled them to overcome inhibitions and stage fright. He praised the argumentative skills of the debaters.
Principal Prof (Dr) Rajesh Bahuguna commended the quality and standard of the debate. Twinkle Purohit proposed the vote of thanks.
Others present included Dr Poonam Rawat, Amit Kumar, Dr Prabha Lama, Sukhwinder Singh, Dr Vivek Kumar, Praveen Lakhera and hundreds of students.