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Dehradun DM, Police Chief join SJA Marathon


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 24 Oct: St Joseph’s Academy organised its Annual Marathon on 23 October under the strict supervision of Principal Bro. Jeyaseelan and Vice Principal, Bro Astinus Kujur. The theme of the marathon was ‘Miles with Smiles…Beat Corona in Style’.
District Magistrate Dr R Rajesh Kumar and District Police Chief DIG Janmejaya Khanduri were the chief guests at the event. The marathon was flagged off by them. The chief guests and the Principal motivated the participants by running the 8.2 km marathon in the senior category. It was an exceptional move on their part which was widely acclaimed.
The young Josephites showcased the best of athletic stamina, competing fiercely. After a vigorous hour of running, the marathon came to its successful end.
The winners were: Sub Junior Girls – 1st, Avishi Gupta, 7C, Duffy House; 2nd, Ayaana Jaiswal, 7B, Donovan House; 3rd, Bushana Gogoi, 7D, Donovan House. Junior Girls – 1st, Ashmita Chauhan, 9A, Duffy House; 2nd, Gayatri Sharma, 9A, Duffy House; 3rd Ballavi Badoni, 9D, Donovan House.
Senior Girls – 1st, Dakshita Jagpal, 10 B, Bergin House; 2nd Ashpreet Kaur, 10 D, Duffy House;
3rd, Pushti Bhatt, 10D, Duffy House.
Sub Junior Boys – 1st, Shresth Rawat, 7D, Bergin House; 2nd Krishav Bagauli, 7C, Bergin House; 3rd Arsh Upadhyay, 6D, Donovan House. Junior Boys –
1st, Utkarsh Topwal, 9A, Dooley House; 2nd, Harshit Sahi, 9A, Dooley House; 3rd Param Vats, 9C, Bergin House. Senior Boys – 1st, Samaksh Goyal, 12F, Donovan House; 2nd, Param Tomar, 12B, Duffy House; 3rd, Yash Arya, 12A, Bergin House.