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Dehradun double murder case solved, murder accused nabbed



DEHRADUN, 19 Feb: Late night at around 2:30 am, Gurpreet Singh, a resident of Lane number 9, Phase 2, Vidya Vihar in Dehradun, informed Patel Nagar Police that a person has murdered a couple named Sapna and Bablu, residents in the same building where he lives. He also reported that he had heard lot of noise and other sounds around 2 am from a flat below. Gurpreet had reported that he along with other residents went downstairs and rang the flat doorbell. A stranger came out and told Singh and the others that he had killed both the tenants living in the apartment. The residents present there got petrified on hearing this, yet they somehow managed to lock the man inside a room in that flat only. On Gurpreet’s information police rushed to the apartment. However, the alleged murderer had managed to escape from the back door of the flat. The Police launched an inquiry and registered a case of Murder under Section 302 IPC. Police launched a search operation and then was able to nab the murderer after two hours of rigorous search. After the arrest, the accused identified as Hardwari Lal, 47 years old, confessed that he was having illegitimate relations with Sapna, wife of Bablu. In the last month, the couple shifted to Vidya Vihar prior to which they lived near Lal Pull area. He also claimed that the couple had taken money a couple of times from him but had refused to return the money to him. He also claimed that an amount of Rs 40,000 was still pending against them. Last night they were partying and all of them were drunk. That is when the accused got into a fight with the couple and demanded his money back. He expressed the desire to have sexual contact with the lady. The couple resisted and all three of them indulged in an intense physical fight. At this point, the accused hit Sapna with a frying pan on her head. Later he hit her husband with the same frying pan. Both of them died in this incident. The dead bodies have been sent for post mortem while the investigation is still underway. The Police have claimed to have solved the case with the arrest of the accused.