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Dehradun records maximum of 43.1 deg C, no respite in sight

By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun, 29 May: The outbreak of severe heat continues in the plain districts of Uttarakhand. The heat is such that the temperatures are being recorded well above normal in the plain districts as well as the mountainous districts of Uttarakhand.  Today, the maximum temperature recorded in Dehradun was 43.1 degrees Celsius, forcing people to stay indoors as much as possible. Heat wave is actually prevailing across the state including in the hills during past week or so. The Meteorological Department has recorded the temperature of Dehradun as 43.1 degrees Celsius on Wednesday.
According to the Meteorological Department, the temperature of Tehri district was 31.1 degrees Celsius while the maximum temperature in Pantnagar was recorded at 42.0 degrees. Similarly, a temperature of 23.9 degrees was recorded in Mukteshwar. According to the Meteorological Department, this temperature is very high in itself. In such a situation, hot winds have troubled people due to the increase of maximum temperature by four to five degrees from normal in the plain districts. To add to the people’s woes, the UPCL is resorting to undeclared power cuts and rostering of the supply despite the CM’s direction to avoid power cuts. Even in Dehradun, many sub-stations are witnessing intermittent rostering of power throughout the day.
According to the Director of the Meteorological Department, Bikram Singh, severe heat wave conditions have also been felt in Garhwal hills and this heat wave will continue over next few days in most parts of Garhwal region while light showers and thunderstorm activity can occur in some districts of Garhwal. Singh shared that the temperature is expected to decrease slightly in the coming two to three days. But hot winds can be troublesome. People need to be cautious in such weather. To avoid the gusts of hot winds, avoid going out of the house during the day.
The Meteorological Department says that due to the increase in temperature in districts like Dehradun, Tehri Garhwal, Pauri Garhwal, Nainital, the chances of forest fires have also increased. Apart from this, incidents of electric short circuit can occur due to hot winds. People need to be especially cautious in this season.