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Delegates to Doon School Conference undertake ‘Kipling’ Trek



DEHRADUN, 6 Dec: The second day of The Doon School Regional Round Square Conference 2018 started, today, with the birdwatching and yoga session around the campus, followed by a picturesque trek to Jharipani. The ‘Kipling Trail’ lies in the vicinity of s Mussoorie and Dehradun, between Shahanshai Ashram and Jharipani.

Adventure being a part of Round Square IDEALS, this trek is meant for delegates who wish to perceive nature in its every aspect. One of the delegates, Oliver from Tasmania, Australia, commented on the appearance of the natural beauty around him, “It seems every stone, every tree, every shrub and every leaf was given proper time and has a story to tell.”

After the delegates returned to the Chandbagh Estate, the cultural evening commenced in the multipurpose hall of the school. All the delegates were seen dancing, singing and doing various recreational activities like presenting skits.

After dinner, students were escorted to the Main Building for their Baraza Session, where a lot of interesting discussions took place. The Doon School was able to successfully control these sessions and fit over 150 students into 20 classrooms. Through a series of stimulating and fun filled activities, students were seen discussing today’s trek and the experiences they had had. It is hoped that the Baraza sessions will help foster the spirit of Round Square IDEALS, by instilling the qualities of leadership in the delegations.