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Delegation of IIT Alumni visits Patanjali Yogpeeth


By our staff reporter
Haridwar3 Dec:delegation of 81 graduates and officials from the IIT Roorkee batch of 1983 visited Patanjali Yogpeeth heretoday, where they witnessed various service projectsincluding the Patanjali Herbal Garden. Subsequently, they engaged in discussions on various subjects with Acharya Balkrishna at the Sabha Ghar in Patanjali Yogpeeth.
On this occasion, the Acharya invited all the eminent scholars to participate in service projects operated by Patanjali in various fields, emphasising that, besides educational work, everyone should actively contribute to the diverse service activities conducted by the institution. He mentioned that the Vedas describe four ashrams: Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha, and Sanyasa. In ancient times, those who entered the Vanaprastha ashram would go to Gurukuls with a selfless spirit to provide education to young children. He stated that while regular teachers can provide theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge can only be imparted by experienced individuals. Education is just verbal knowledge; practical knowledge has been acquired by all of them.
The coordinator of this journey was retired Chief Engineer and Chairman, IIEE, Uttarakhand State Centre, IIT, Dehradun, NK Yadav. He praised the work being done by Patanjali in various fields.

Also included in the delegation were Dr Vivek Varma from the USA, Vipin Gandhar from Australia, Himanshu from the US, Rajesh Vats from Canada, Professor Satish Chandra, Professor SK Singhal, Professor MK Singhal from IITR, and Anand Prakash from Delhi. A total of 81 scholars and officials from various states of India explored various service projects at Patanjali Yogpeeth.