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Deluded Rant


It is obvious that it is a sense of entitlement that encourages Rahul Gandhi to behave in the manner he does in Parliament. It has been seen for some time that he thinks he can say what he likes and get away with it. He is not the only one – there are others as well who believe the rules and regulations of Parliament do not apply to them. Certain of winning elections from pocket boroughs and party run states, they challenge the authority of the Speaker or the RS Chairman, playing the victim card if the rules are applied.

The recent ‘moral victory’ in the Lok Sabha elections, as described by Akhilesh Yadav, has further encouraged Rahul Gandhi. While Yadav has appealed to MPs to behave with responsibility to take the ‘victory’ forward, Rahul Gandhi believes that success has been achieved through an ultra-aggressive approach towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi, personally, and the BJP-RSS combine, in general. This was sought to be taken forward by his extraordinary rant in the Lok Sabha on Monday. This delusionary belief is highlighted by Congress leader Pawan Khera’s claim that it was a speech equal to the one delivered by Swami Vivekanand address in Chicago.

While presenting himself as a messiah of Hinduism, Rahul Gandhi had taunted PM Modi for being someone directly in touch with the Almighty. He declared all of the BJP and its supporters as ‘not Hindus’. It is well-known that collectively targeting a large section of society or community is what defines the genocidal approach. By openly targeting BJP inclined Hindus as apostates, he has brought Hinduphobia on the parliamentary plane. By displaying a portrait of Shiva in support of his claims, he has also committed the kind of sacrilege that receives severe reprisal in some religions. This is exactly the kind of approach adopted by proselytizers when they attack Hinduism, claiming to represent the ‘true’ faith. And Hindus are expected to accept such acts in the name of tolerance.

The more obnoxious parts of his speech have been rightly expunged. However, he has claimed outside parliament that he stands by what he has said, and Modi cannot censor his words. While he enjoys parliamentary immunity for what he has said in the House, his claims outside should be taken to court. His belief that he is not answerable to the law has already led to his conviction, once. He should not be allowed to do so repeatedly without even more severe consequences.