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Demolition of encroachments not targeted at any particular community: Dhami


By Arun Pratap Singh

Dehradun, 26 May: In an informal chat with a section of the media, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami today asserted that the ongoing campaign to clear government land of all encroachment is not targeted at any particular community. Dhami shared this conversation on his social media accounts, too.

He said that there is no intention of the government to harass any particular community in the name of clearing encroachments. However, the government will not permit any encroachments on government land and will take strict action to evict all encroachers. He said that clear guidelines have been issued by the government and he had instructed the Chief Secretary to ensure full implementation of the guidelines. He said that, while there is no intention on part of the government to harass anyone, at the same time, no one can be permitted to encroach on government and forest land in the name of religious structures. Strict action will be taken against those who have occupied government land in this way over the past several years.

The CM also stated that it is a matter of concern that there have been concerted efforts to change the demography in some districts of the state. Those who have been living traditionally for several generations or a very long time on forest or Van Panchayats are not being evicted at present. All recent efforts to encroach on government land or to change the demography of the region are being monitored and will not be allowed to do so.