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Dengue cases increase in state


DEHRADUN, 19 Sep (IANS): Uttarakhand has witnessed a surge in dengue cases for some time now. Although officially there was no data on the number of cases, unofficially it was being said that there were over 1,000 cases. An official of the state’s Directorate of Health Services on the condition of anonymity, said: “The lower areas of the state were more affected and the condition is grim across the state. The number of the affected people may be in thousands. “Even in the upper reaches of the state cases of dengue are pouring in. Although the dengue spreading mosquito does not survive in colder places, yet the cases were increasing. The reason could be that the affected people are moving from the lower plains to the upper reaches.” In the beginning, the cases were detected in the Raipur area of Dehradun, but very quickly dengue has spread all over. All the hospitals in the city are full with dengue patients, besides those who are receiving treatment in their homes. The situation is so grim that a top school in Dehradun has closed for the time-being in view of the rising dengue cases. “We are taking measures to curb the menace. We are even campaigning in the schools. The Municipal teams are regularly fogging the whole city,” said Chief Medical Officer S.K. Gupta. As the cases are surging, people working in the tourism sector are worried. “Till now there has not be any effect so far as this is not the in- season for tourism. Tourist season will start from Dusshera,” said Chandramohan, a tourist operator. Several police officers and jawans have also been affected by the dengue in the state capital. As per a report, which was made after several police men were found to be on leave, the number of ill personnel has reached 120. Dehradun Mayor Sunil Uniyal Gama said: “We are holding awareness camps everywhere so that people adopt precaution and prevention. Whereever we are getting the information of the presence of stagnant water, cleanliness drive is immediately carried out. The health department is not able to curb the menace and this is heading towards an epidemic type of situation.” Uttarakhand Health Secretary Nitesh Jha said: “We are taking special measures in areas which are badly affected. The number of doctors to tackle dengue cases is being increased. New blood collecting centre are being set up. Eight doctors from Garhwal have been moved to Dehradun, 22 doctors from Almora Medical College are working in Haldwani and nursing staff has been increased in other hospitals in the city.”