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DESL holds meeting on welfare measures

Dehradun, 13 May: Col US Thakur (Retd), President, Dehradun Ex-Servicemen’s League, organised a meeting reaching out to ex-servicemen with the latest information regarding welfare measures taken by the state government and AHQ, New Delhi. The responsibility for organising this meeting was taken by Captain DS Bhandari (Retd), Shaka President, Nai Basti, Clement Town.
The DESL President explained to the gathering about the very important action that veterans, widows and their dependants had to take in the future in their own interest such as filling of the forms for the pension of JCOs,  other ranks and widows as per circular 610. Forms were distributed and they were explained how to fill them. They were also informed that ECHS would soon be a reality in Clement Town.
He also requested that veterans always remain united and disciplined in all circumstances and stand with each other in times of difficulty. In case of any problems regarding pension, pay and allowances, those concerning the Banks, CDA (P), Allahabad, etc., they were always  welcome to seek help from DESL through the Sakha Presidents. Veterans were also told about the importance of ECHS Cards which are being upgraded to 64 kb. It is a mandatory requirement for every veteran to avail themselves of the ECHS facilities.
Members were reminded that the State Government gives Rs 1 lakh as marriage grant for widows’ daughters upto two daughters and the Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB) gives Rs 50,000 to the daughters of those up to the rank of retired Havildar, applicable for two daughters. He added that KSB also helps by giving penury grant to those veterans who do not get any pension and are above 65 years of age, provided they fulfill the required conditions.
Others who spoke on the occasion included Col BM Thapa (Retd), Capt DS Bhandari (Retd), Capt Ashok Limbu (Retd), and Capt Rai (Retd). They asked the veterans to remain united and disciplined and to guide each other in welfare matters and pension.