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Desperate Politics


The PA of Delhi Chief Minister and AAP Supremo Arvind Kejriwal allegedly beat up a woman Rajya Sabha MP and the blame is being put on the BJP! Even more, questions are being raised why the PA has been arrested so quickly when in other cases it takes so much time! The AAP perpetrator should be given similar benefit as was given to the BJP MP who was accused by women wrestlers, is the demand.

This is what Indian politics and standards have been reduced to, and victim blaming is acceptable even at a time when voting is due on 25 May. The entire politically correct eco-system is silent, with even women leaders of AAP speaking out against the complainant. Does a PA need so much support from the party? Would it not have been more advisable to apologise and express concern about the allegations? Are the people so naïve that they will be taken in by the claim that the BJP is behind the incident? In fact, the AAP response clearly indicates that there is much more to the occurrence, and the person likely to get into more trouble is the Delhi Chief Minister, should the PA, Bibhav Kumar, begin to reveal the inner functioning of the party. The AAP protest outside the BJP Head Office in Delhi on Sunday was a signal to Kumar to stay mum – the party would stand by him even in such difficult circumstances. The ongoing elections could be impacted, but the AAP is still in power in Delhi.

AAP believes it can get itself out of all the criminal cases against its leaders, including the CM, if the opposition alliance comes to power. Kejriwal has declared voting for his party as the key to his getting out of jail. Is he implying that the judiciary is pliable and can be influenced by those in power? Do the other parties in the alliance agree that a political victory implies a ‘get out of jail free’ card?

Ideally, Kejriwal should have resigned after he was arrested. He would have come out a hero after being given bail. But he did not dare to hand over the reins of power for even a short while. Does this not signify that AAP is less of a political party and more of a closely controlled clique that cannot afford to open the doors even a little. This should surely be of concern to the Delhi voter!