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Desperate Politics


The BJP is accused of being ultra-nationalistic and a ‘Hindu’ party. Its critics don’t really bother to explain how both can be true at the same time, alleging that the nationalism is for a ‘Hindu-Rashtra’. As the BJP under Prime Minister Modi continues in its attempt to garner the support of all sections, the parties of the opposition can do no better than target sub-sections of society and sub-nationalities, in the hope of breaking them away from the ruling party’s fold.

The sudden concern for Brahmins among the opposition parties in UP indicates how desperate they are and how completely out of touch with the times. The construction of the Ram Temple, which is projected by the BJP as part of a national renaissance, is considered a glorification of Thakurs by parties like the SP, BSP and even the Congress. Earlier, former CM Akhilesh Yadav had attempted to promote Krishna as a ‘Yadav’ alternative to Ram, and is now using Parshuram to exhibit sympathy for the Brahmins. The trigger is the killing of the gangster Vikas Dubey, who happened to be a Brahmin by caste. This is being projected as proof of an anti-Brahmin bias in the Yogi led government. Even the Gods are being used in the effort to divide the ‘Hindu’ vote. The damage this will cause to society and cultural ethos is being entirely overlooked in this demented and desperate attempt to regain political power.

It reveals how terribly out of touch these politicians are with the times; also, their total failure to understand Modi’s strategy and tactics. While he is presenting himself with some success as a ‘unifier’, not only of Hindus, but of the entire country, the divisive politics by the opposition casts him in even better light. And it is not just these politicians of the Hindi heartland who are doing so – someone like DMK’s Kanimozhi is ever ready to grab the opportunity to play divisive linguistic politics. Strangely, they believe it provides them the opportunity to become national level leaders.

Interestingly, they all claim to represent those traditionally the victims of social injustice – the BSP for the Dalits, the SP for the ‘backward classes’ and Muslims, the DMK for Dravidian identity. Unfortunately, their actions and politics are completely the opposite. Is India of 2020 gullible enough to fall for this hypocrisy? Are there any takers among the Brahmins, and whichever community they may take a fancy to in the future, for such balderdash? It is an insult to the people for them to believe so!