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DGP Ashok Kumar participated in Glaucoma Awareness Walk


Drishti Eye Institute organises Glaucoma Walkathon


DEHRADUN, 12 Mar: Glaucoma Awareness Walkathon was organized in the early morning of Saturday, 12th March, which was flagged-off by Chief Guest, Ashok Kumar, DGP Uttarakhand accompanied by his wife Alak Nanda. Satish Sharma, actor & journalist, was the Guest of Honour. Several organizations came forward to extend their support to this noble cause. Among them were Rotary E Club Doon 3080 represented by it’s President Gaurav Sethi; SJA Alumni Association, represented by it’s President Praveen Chandhok; Art of living represented by Anil Mishra; and Dehradun Club Morning Tennis Association, represented by Pixie Sadana. Drishti Eye Institute is observing Glaucoma Awareness Week from 6th – 12th March 2022, to spread awareness among people about Glaucoma, which is one of the leading causes of blindness. World Glaucoma Awareness Week is very iconic in spreading awareness about the ignorance against the sight threatening disease Glaucoma (Kalamotia), which is rightly called “The Silent Thief of Sight” as it shows no early signs and symptoms. It is very important for people to go for an annual eye check-up post 40 years of age, or those who are Diabetic or have a history of Glaucoma in the family. The event was a huge success due to the presence of well-known dignitaries like Dr Alok Jain, Ramesh Batta, Vikas Diwan, Dr Shashank Gandhe, Dr Shruntanjoy Das, Dr Amardeep Kaur, Dr Minal Patil, Dr Shweta, Manish Dora of Webline, also by Drishti’s staff who in order to educate and spread awareness among citizens carried banners, placards and distributed flyers to people and also explained to them about Glaucoma. With its mission “From Darkness to Light” Drishti Foundation has been actively organizing programmes throughout the year with special events like free eye screening camps for Diabetic Retinopathy, Cataract & Glaucoma which are some of the leading sight threatening diseases. Dr Gaurav Luthra in his speech gave emphasis on the importance of providing quality eye care to the remote areas to benefit people who are in desperate need of expert consultations, he also shared about the upcoming project Dr MC Luthra Memorial Charity Eye Clinic, for the residents of Village Shigally area under the able guidance of Dr Savita Luthra, Chairperson, Drishti Group.