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Dhami Govt has failed on all fronts: Cong

By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 4 Jul: Congress today released a “chargesheet” against the Pushkar Singh Dhami Government on completion of its two years in power. On behalf of the Congress party, Chief Spokesperson of Uttarkhand Pradesh Congress Committee, Garima Mehra Dasauni released a “chargesheet” on the tenure of Dhami government accusing it of various acts of omission and commission. Dasauni was briefing the media at PCC Headquarters here today.
Dasauni claimed while the BJP is projecting CM Pushkar Singh Dhami as the most popular Chief Minister ever and has declared the Dhami Government as the most successful government, the ground reality is totally different. Attacking the Dhami government, Dasauni claimed that during the Dhami rule, the state became witness to all those unfortunate events which had never happened before in the history of the state.
She said that the state  witnessed the Ankita Bhandari murder case and the scams in the recruitment process of government jobs and claimed that the lathi charge on the innocent and desperate youth who had come out on the streets for their rights  happened for the first time in 23 years in Uttarakhand.
She further claimed that BJP leaders were involved in large scale corruption happening in the state and the people were forced to suffer inflation and witness large scale illegal mining by the mining mafia under the rule of Dhami Government. The state’s sources are being plundered and the government properties are being destroyed, she claimed. She also added that the government has also failed to take action against liquor mafia. She also blamed Dhami Government for the Joshimath disaster and added that it was the result of the failure of the government.
The Congress spokesperson further claimed that Agniveer Yojana was an extreme form of exploitation of the Youth. She claimed that Dhami’s tenure so far witnessed a sharp increase in crime against women and also claimed that crimes and harassment against those belonging to SC and ST were rising sharply but it was shocking that Dhami Government has chosen to remain silent on the issue. Dasauni claimed that during Dhami Raj, a large number of small and medium scale industries have been shut down in the state, migration has increased more than ever before, health services have continued to decline, the budget for social security pensions and Nanda-Gauri Devi Kanya Dhan Yojana has been drastically cut.
Congress leader also claimed that chants of Love Jihad and Land Jihad has instilled fear and insecurity in the minority segments of the society. She also accused the Dhami Government of completely failing in making a concrete policy of urban development planning. She further claimed that the government has also failed to secure proper support price to the farmers on their produce and added that no policy has been formulated by the government to compensate for the loss of life and property caused by wildlife.
The Congress leader further claimed that drugs business in the state has been flourishing under the nose of Dhami, but the government is looking the other way. Dasauni claimed that under the Dhami Government rule, women had to face lot of humiliation.