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Dhyana Yoga at Kumbh Mela Media Centre wins appreciation


By Radhika Nagrath

Haridwar, 16 Apr: The Media Centre set up at the Chandidweep of Neeldhara area here during the ongoing Kumbh Mela, is spreading the message of Life Management through yoga. In the morning session at the Yoga Studio, stress management tips were given by the experts today. During the session, exercise, Pranayam and meditation were taught to keep stress at bay.
Yoga expert Dr Sanjay from Patanjali Yogpeeth, as a representative of Acharya Bal Krishna, said that one must take out at least 30 minutes in the day for one’s own self. With this, one gets the strength to control oneself. He said the Bhramari and Udgeet are best recommended pranayamas to deal with stress. A regular practitioner of yoga does not have to manage stress as it is always stress free no matter what the circumstances.
Dr Sanjay said that Yoga was not only a handful of exercises but knowing and connecting with oneself. It helps one understand that one consciousness abides in all. In simple words, yoga is based on spiritual discipline and subtle science. It balances the body, mind and soul.
The representative of Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya said that the practitioner of yoga gets connected to cosmic consciousness.
Manoj Srivastava, nodal officer at the Kumbh Mela, said that to spread the message of yoga across the world, the yoga studio had been established at the media centre. He said that, in the first phase, a representative from Patanjali Yogpeeth provided yoga training. This was done in the second phase by a representative from Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya.