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Disaster Management Secretary conducts inspection of subsidence area along with experts


By Our Staff Reporter

Joshimath, 15 Jan: Secretary, Disaster Management, Dr Ranjit Kumar Sinha reached Joshimath town today and carried out onsite inspection of landslide affected areas along with a team of experts. Besides conducting inspection of subsidence in Joshimath, he also held onsite inspection of the Auli Ropeway, Manohar Bagh, Shankaracharya Math and JP Colony from where a regular discharge of water is being reported.

Sinha was accompanied by geologists and other experts during the inspection. The team inspected the cracks in the houses and areas near Auli Ropeway and Shankaracharya Math.  Sinha instructed the officials concerned to continuously monitor the pattern route of cracks, subsidence and landslides in the houses.

He disclosed that the geophysical study of the affected area is being done by the National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI) Hyderabad.  NGRI is also studying the flow of the underground water channels.  After the study, geophysical and hydrological maps would also be made available by NGRI.  These maps would be useful in preparing Joshimath’s drainage and stabilisation plans.

Sinha added that the government is moving step by step towards solving the problems of Joshimath area affected by subsidence and landslides. However, at present, providing immediate relief and rescue to the affected people is the biggest priority of the state government.  The affected families are being shifted to safer places with urgency. Work on marking the affected buildings is ongoing. Teams of geologists and experts are engaged in the work of investigating the causes of the landslide.  The administration is in constant touch with the affected people. The basic facilities are being provided in the relief camps.

He stated that CBRI, IIT Roorkee, Wadia Institute, GSI, IIRS and NGRI are among the agencies working in Joshimath.