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Disobeying court order is height of appeasement by Mamata Govt: Mahendra Bhatt

By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun 23 May: BJP has welcomed Calcutta High Court‘s decision banning reservation to Muslims by Mamata Banerjee Government under the guise of OBC in Bengal. BJP State President Mahendra Bhatt, said that this decision needs to be respected and it was an appropriate decision against undue appeasement policies of the West Bengal Government.
Bhatt described the wide scale reservations to the Muslims by members of the INDI Alliance like Congress and TMC Governments as an indication of their anti-Hindu policies. He expressed shock at the declaration of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee that she does not accept the decision of the High Court of nullifying the Muslim reservations as tragic and termed this as an indication of the height of minority appeasement. He called upon the local Congress leaders to immediately get rid of their high command and alliance, otherwise the public will never forgive them in future.
Commenting on the decision of Calcutta High Court and the resultant reaction of West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee, Bhatt said that this is the bitter truth of anti-Sanatan and Anti India INDI Alliance and added that every sane person needs to be aware of these policies of the Alliance. He said that Mamata Banerjee’s TMC government has committed the sin of robbing the OBC community of their rights and handing them over to the Muslims in 2011 and 2022. Her government has crossed the heights of appeasement and has benefited Muslims, especially its cadre, under the OBC quota sub-category. He reminded that during the period from 2011 onwards, TMC Government has unconstitutionally given OBC reservation to 5 lakh people, out of which 71 castes were from Muslim community. This is the reason why the High Court has cancelled this OBC reservation given on the basis of a particular religion. Under which he has also cancelled all the OBC certificates issued to Muslims in West Bengal from 2010 to 2024.
 Bhatt asserted that the decision indicates how Mamata Banerjee’s government was pursuing appeasement unconstitutionally. Like her, all the INDI Alliance partners led by Congress are also promoting the agenda of Muslim League in the states ruled by them. He also took a jibe at all those Congress leaders of Uttarakhand who were on denial mode regarding promise of Congress regarding reservations on the basis of religion mentioned in their manifesto. Bhatt added that after the Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Manmohan Singh governments, the court has also called out the West Bengal government’s conspiracy to rob the Hindus of their rights and hand them over to the Muslims unconstitutionally. He also claimed that Congress leaders from Uttarakhand are no different and had been promising setting up of a Muslim University due to their appeasement policy. Not only this, Friday leave was announced for the Muslims to allow them to offer Namaz. However, the people of the state have given a befitting reply to the Congress.