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District Panchayat Presidents given right to write ACRs of officials: Maharaj


By Our Staff Reporter
Ramnagar, 2 May: Panchayati Raj Minister Satpal Maharaj, announced an important decision, today, that the District Pandhayat Presidents had been given the right to mark the Annual Character Entry (ACRs) of Chief Development Officers and Additional Chief Officers. The decision was announced by Maharaj at a meeting of district panchayat presidents of the state held a local resort in Dhikuli.
The meeting was held on the subject of transferring complete rights to three-tier Panchayati Raj institutions under the 73rd Constitutional Amendment.
At the meeting, Sona Sajwan, President of the District Panchayat Presidents Organisation (Zila Panchayat President of Tehri) submitted a demand before the Minister of Panchayati Raj, that the 29 subjects which ought to be transferred to the Panchayats under the 73rd Constitutional Amendment be immediately transferred to the Panchayats, including the right to write the ACR of the CDO and other officials of the Panchayati Raj Department. Maharaj assured Sajwan of positive action on the demand.
Panchayat Raj Minister Satpal Maharaj also said that a decision would soon be taken on granting the status of Minister of State to District Panchayat Presidents and several other facilities due to them. He said that a proposal in this regard would be sent to the government. At the same time, he directed the officials to increase the sources of income of the panchayats and to construct projects that would increase the income of the district panchayats. He said that, if there was a need for transfer of land from any government department, then that would also be done.
Ramnagar MLA Diwan Singh Bisht, District Panchayat President Sona Sajwan, Madhu Chauhan, Deepak Bijlyan, Shanti Devi, Amar Dei Shah, Bela Tokia, Basanti Dev, Jyoti Rai, Uma Bisht, Deepika Bohra, presidents of 11 district panchayats were present on the occasion.