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Doon Admin issuing e-passes for travel during lockdown



DEHRADUN, 1 Apr: The Dehradun Administration has launched an e-passes system for commuting within the city during lockdown. The citizens needing to commute during the lockdown within the district or to another district can apply for the e-pass online.
They need to log into the website http://smartcitydehradun.uk.gov.in/e-pass and register for the e-pass. On the website, they would be required to declare the reason for which the pass is required and also upload their photograph, Aadhaar Card and their official i-cards. Once the pass is approved, they would be informed via SMS on their mobile phones and can download the pass if approved and use the same to travel for the purpose they have declared. The website has been developed by Webline Infosoft Pvt Ltd on behalf of Dehradun Smart City Ltd.