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Doon Buddhist Committee holds tree planting drive



Dehradun, 4 Aug: Under a tree was the great sage Buddha born, Under a tree, he overcame passion and attained enlightenment, Under two trees did he pass in Nirvana, Verily, the Buddha held the tree in great esteem -Dalai Lama
On the sacred occasion of ‘Choekor Duchen’, (dhammachakkapavattana), commemorating the first turning of the wheel of Dhamma by Buddha Shakyamuni in Sarnath, Doon Buddhist Committee led by Acharya Kinley Lama initiated a tree plantation drive at Kharwa Gaon near Nagal in Dehradun in a concerted effort towards a green and clean Doon.
During the drive, venerable Kinley Lama highlighted the interdependence of nature and its inhabitants and the important role trees play in life by giving fresh air, fruits, etc., and sustaining millions of sentient beings. This was followed by a short prayer for the benefit of all and gratitude towards nature.
The initiative was participated in with enthusiasm by the villagers led by Panwal, Tara Foundation, Tibetan Environment Club, Dr Dhobriyal, Kalden la, Lokesh, Pooja, TR Panwal, Munna Tailor, Alvin, Kunga, Rasheed, Vinit, etc.