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Doon comes up with the Largest Mall of Uttarakhand: Mall of Dehradun


Pacific Group launches its second mall in Dehradun

By Our Staff Reporter 

Dehradun, 1 June: Pacific Group today launched the Mall of Dehradun, the city’s largest mall, establishing a new benchmark for shopping and entertainment in Uttarakhand. This is the second mall in Dehradun by Pacific Group setting new standards in retail landscape and also contributing to regions economic growth significantly.

The opening day was a resounding success, featuring mangal geet and various spectacular performances that captivated and delighted attendees. The event’s main attraction was the unveiling of the Pride Wall, a 3D art installation celebrating Uttarakhand’s traditional cuisine, cultural performances, landscapes, and modern and historic landmarks. The mall stands as the Pride of Uttarakhand, epitomizing the rich Dehradun culture and celebrating the community’s traditions.

Spanning a total built-up area of 1,071,008 sq ft, including 402,895 sq ft dedicated to retail, the Mall of Dehradun will totally transform the way Dehradun and its adjoining regions shop.

“Mall of Dehradun marks a significant milestone for Pacific Group and stands tall as the Pride of Uttarakhand. We have highlighted the state’s vibrant culture, delectable cuisine, tourism opportunities and serene environment through murals and architectural elements. Besides, we have ensured that Uttarakhand’s local food occupies pride of place in Mall of Dehradun’s food court. Our approach towards bringing the Mall of Dehradun to fruition has been driven by our bold vision and unwavering commitment to elevating the retail landscape in Uttarakhand. Mall of Dehradun is more than just a shopping destination; it’s a vibrant community hub that resonates the essence of Dehradun. Through innovative design, sustainable practices, and a curated selection of top brands, we focus on redefining the shopping experience while fostering economic growth and social cohesion in the region,” Abhishek Bansal, Executive Director of Pacific Group, said at the launch.

The day one launch ceremony culminated with a mesmerizing performance by Priyanka Meher, who captivated the audience with her enchanting Pahadi songs.