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Doon International School lifts Winner’s Trophy at Gyananda Cultural Fest


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 23 Apr: A two day cultural festival was organised by the Gyananda School to celebrate Earth Day and spread awareness about the environmental hazards caused by pollution. The events based on the theme ‘Save Earth’ included Inter School English Recitation Competitions, Poster Making and Folk Dance Competitions in various categories. The festival witnessed enthusiastic participation from eight schools of Dehradun- Sun Valley, Oasis, Doon Girls’ School, Gyananda School, Doon International School, Dehradun Boys’ School, Himjyoti and Ashworth School. The English Recitation (Individual & Group Categories) was judged by Amrit Burrett and Suchitra Singh; the Folk Dances were judged by Manorama and Yogendra; and the Poster Making Competition by Arpita Malakar and Reeta Sharma.

The participants recited poems highlighting burning issues such as pollution, saving trees, the harmful effects of plastic on the environment and the importance of protecting the environment. Each of the participating teams enthralled the audience with their voice modulation, memory and articulation skills. The judges evaluated the performance based on content, delivery and overall presentation. The poster-making competition saw students showcase their artistic skills and creativity with the aim to create awareness about environmental issues as the theme for the posters was centred on the need to reduce waste, conserve energy and promote sustainability. The folk dance competition was a vibrant and colourful display of cultural diversity with participants showcasing traditional dances from different regions. The performances highlighted the connection between nature and culture and the need to preserve both.

In the Individual English Recitation of class 2, Doon International School won the first position, followed by Gyananda School and Sun Valley School, respectively. In the Group Recitation class 2 Category, Gyananda School stood first, Doon International School, second, and the Oasis School, third. In the Individual and Group Recitation competition of grade 4, Doon International School was first in, both, the Individual and Group categories, followed by the Oasis School, Gyananda School and Sun Valley, second and third, respectively. In the Individual and Group  Recitation of grade 5, Doon International School and Gyananda won the first positions jointly, followed by Sun Valley, Dehradun Boys’ and Doon Girls’ School.

In the Folk Dance competition, Doon International School bagged the first position in Category A and the Oasis School won the first position in Category B.  In the Poster Making Competition category A, the first position was won by Sun Valley followed by Gyananda School and Oasis, and in Category B, the first position was won by Gyananda followed by Doon International School and Ashworth School, respectively.

Doon International School was declared the Overall Winner of the two day fest. The ecstatic students of DIS were presented the Winners’ Trophy by Meenakshi Mehta, Principal of Gyananda School.