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Doon University & VoW Shabdavali celebrate Human Rights Day with Finale of Gaura Devi Debate



Dehradun, 10 Dec: The Gaura Devi National Debate on Human Rights, a collaborative effort between NHRC, Vatsalya, and Valley of Words, reached its conclusion with an offline final event hosted at Doon University, here, today. The event showcased the participation of eight talented students who successfully navigated three challenging rounds – pre, quarter, and final.

The proceedings commenced with an inaugural ceremony led by the Vice-Chancellor of Doon University, Prof Surekha Dangwal, and Dr Sanjeev Chopra from Valley of Words, alongside esteemed members of NHRC and Dr Chetana Pokhriyal. Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia, was the Chief Guest. However, he could only participate by sending his video message on Human Rights. He also motivated the young participants with his words of encouragement.

Justice UC Dhyani, Chairman, Uttarakhand Public Service Tribunal, was the Guest of Honour and laid down the norms of human rights by citing references from the cases encountered by him on how judiciary helps restore human rights. The central theme of the day’s debate, “Nation State is the Best Guarantor of Human Rights”, marked the 71st anniversary of Human Rights Day. Devendra Kumar Nim, Joint Secretary, National Human Rights Commission, appreciated various aspects of human rights as vigorously enunciated by the debaters. Prof Surekha Dangwal, Vice Chancellor, Doon University, paid tribute to Gaura Devi for her Chipko Movement and hailed her as an exemplary figure of Human Rights.

Throughout the event, the participating students demonstrated their intellectual prowess, offering insightful perspectives on the topic. Their articulate and thought-provoking contributions not only captivated the audience but also significantly enhanced the overall success of the debate. The collaboration between NHRC, Vatsalya, and Valley of Words, complemented by the support of Doon University, provided a rich platform for discussing and understanding the pivotal role of the nation in safeguarding human rights.

The Gaura Devi National Debate on Human Rights, characterised by its combination of academic rigour and constructive dialogue, stands as a significant achievement, fostering a deeper understanding of this vital subject matter. The first and second prizes of Rs 31,000 and Rs 21,000, respectively, were bagged by Satakshi from Law College, Dehradun, and Manisha Rawat from Delhi University in Hindi Category. The cash prize of Rs 31,000 and Rs 21000 were bagged by Sambhav Pratap Bhatt from Law College, Dehradun, and Priya Singh from Delhi University in English category, respectively. The entire event was sponsored by the National Human Rights Commission.