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Dr Muruganandam delivers lecture on NRM & Biodiversity Conservation at DIBNS



Dehradun, 26 Nov: Dr M Muruganandam, Sr Scientist from ICAR-Indian Institute of Soil and Water Conservation (ICAR-IISWC), Dehradun, presented a Guest Lecture on Natural Resource Management (NRM) and Biodiversity Conservation at Dolphin (PG) Institute of Biomedical and Natural Sciences (DIBNS), here, today. The programme was coordinated by Dr Shailja Pant, Principal, Dr Beena Joshi Bhatt, Head, Department of Zoology, along with her colleagues Dr Bharadwaj, Dr Shalini and Dr Deepali.

Dr Muruganandam shared the technological advancements and emerging concepts on NRM and Biodiversity conservation with over 80 UG and PG students. During the interaction, the status of natural resources, growing concerns of NRM, management issues, technological options and approaches like watershed-based development, integrated farming systems, resource recycling components/systems and wetland management evolved at IISWC and elsewhere were discussed drawing references from developed countries, particularly USA, besides local needs and scenarios. Recent advancements in watershed development, environment management and ecosystems sustenance, management of point and non-point source pollution, eutrophication, economic use of available soil, water and biological resources and the needs of scientific studies, data management and dissemination were the focus of the talk.

A synoptic glimpse of modern geospatial tools and techniques like ArcGIS for landscape and land use analysis, and brief on software like R, Fish Bioenergetics-4.0, Primer-7.0, DELPHI, and Mendeley for ecosystem analysis, besides application of biotechnological and nanotechnological developments to improve agricultural and fisheries production were highlighted.

Students and faculty members exhibited keen interest in the deliberations, particularly during the Q&A session. Prior to the presentation, Dr Muruganandam visited the laboratory and teaching facilities available at the Institute and interacted with faculty members and senior professionals of the Institute. Earlier, the Guest Speaker was extended a warm welcome to the campus and the Department.