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DRT Dehradun settles 111 Cases involving Rs 56.85 crore in Lok Adalat

By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 13 May: A National Lok Adalat was held at DRT Dehradun here today under the Chairmanship of  Umesh Kumar Sharma (HJS) as the Presiding Officer and Yogesh Kumar, Secretary/Registrar. Others involving the holding of the National Lok Adalat included Kanhaiya Kumar, Asst Registrar, and recovery officers RP Singh and Hemant Kotial, Pankaj Kumar and Sanjay Kumar, the employees of the tribunal. The Tribunal started the ground work of the National Lok Adalat just after the last Lok Adalat held on 11 February through regular mediation and reconciliation meetings between the borrowers and the bankers. This brought fruitful results today during the Lok Adalat.
In today’s Lok Adalat, around 116 Cases were taken up, out of which 111 cases involving public money of around Rs 56.85 crore were settled amicably and disposed off. Further, the Presiding Officer has advised the Bankers and Borrowers to come forward for such amicable settlements in future also.
Yogesh Kumar, Registrar, informed that this was the 1st Lok Adalat of current Financial year and DRT Dehradun. This received a very good response from the bankers as well as borrowers for settlement of cases. He added that the DRT is regularly conducting the mediation meetings for amicable settlement of such cases. He also informed that Punjab National Bank has settled highest number of cases in today’s Lok Adalat among all the Banks/FIs.