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Early Detection of Cancer Imperative: Experts


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 4 Feb: Commemorating World Cancer Day, today, Doon’s Max Super Speciality Hospital, organised a press conference to spread awareness on the increasing prevalence of the disease, especially in the state of Uttarakhand and various treatment modalities available.
Concurring with the official theme of World Cancer Day 2021– ‘Close the care gap’ – the experts revealed how each and every individual, in their collective and individual capacities, can contribute towards reducing the global burden of cancer. The experts stressed on how early diagnosis of cancer can significantly improve the treatment outcome and save lives.
Max Hospital also announced the launch of its Second Opinion OPD. The patient can get a free Second Opinion from renowned experts.
Throwing light on why early detection is vital, Dr Manisa Pattanayak, Principal Consultant-Surgical Oncology, said, “Cancer has become the world’s second leading killer. Every minute 17 people die of cancer in the world. It is thus imperative to spread awareness about early detection of cancer which greatly increases the chances of a successful treatment. In early stages of the development of cancer, especially in Stage I, prognosis (the course which the medical condition takes) and survival rates stand at about 75-85% in selected cancers as compared to stage 3 and 4 case where less than 20% patients can be cured.
Max Hospital is one of the major centres in Uttarakhand that conducts major cancer surgeries with Micro-Vascular Reconstruction, like complex head and neck cancer, breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancer & gynae cancer. It also has a dedicated tumour board for the assistance of those suffering from cancer of various kinds.
Medical experts on the board have advised to take the following precautionary measures to reduce the risk of cancer: Following an active and healthy lifestyle by increasing the level of physical activity to at least 30 minutes daily; increasing the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and legumes, whole grains and nuts; quitting smoking and not using tobacco in any form; getting regular medical care and routine blood tests done and not ignoring any symptoms that may stay for longer periods; immunisation against cancer-causing infections through vaccinations available for certain cancers such as cervical cancer.
Dr Runu Sharma, Associate Consultant, Medical Oncology, said, “Most patients approach doctors at a late and critical stage, which makes it difficult to control the spread as well as in the recovery process. Many of the cancer related deaths can be avoided with early action.”
Max Hospital also distributed healthy gift hampers to OPD, IPD and chemotherapy patients to raise awareness about this day and the disease.
Max Institute of Cancer Care treats approximately 200 new cancer cases every year. A majority of these cancers can be prevented by following an active and healthy lifestyle and also by immunisation against cancer-causing infections.