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EIL celebrates Human Rights Day with Award Ceremony



DEHRADUN, 21 Jan: Community Chairman of EIL, Dehradun, Naresh Gupta, assisted by his honorary Secretaries Megha Bansal and Pramod Kapur, welcomed EIL National Committee Members on 19 January. The occasion also coincided with the celebration of ‘Human Rights Day’ and the venue chosen was a prominent local hotel. The evening began with outlining of the Intellectual, Social and Humanitarian achievements of the Dehradun Centre. Gupta, in his opening address, stated that the principles enshrined in the Declaration of Human Rights were as relevant today as they were in 1948. He emphasised that there was need to stand up for one’s own rights and those of others. Action could be taken in daily life to uphold the rights that protect us and thereby promote the kinship of all human beings. While welcoming the National Chairman, Kulin Munim, and other members of the National Committee, as also representatives from other centres who had come from all over the country, Megha Bansal highlighted the contribution of the Dehradun Centre in assisting the management of the ‘Night Shelter for the Homeless’ being run under the overall supervision of Dr Kalhan, Dr Arun Kumar and Kusum Kumar. Free medical services are being provided Dr Kalhan, Dr Pandhi and Dr Sunita Nandwani. These dedicated doctors visit the ‘Shelter’ every evening to give appropriate treatment to the homeless daily wagers, despite inclement weather conditions and lack of adequate medical facilities. These professional medical practitioners were honoured by Kulin Munim with a ‘Plaque’ and a ‘Shawl’, each. Amma, a widow who adopted a 15 day old orphan girl and has seen her through life with education up to MA, was also felicitated with a cash award and a shawl in recognition of her service for the poorest of the poor, despite her own financial limitations. In keeping with the practice of this International Body to accommodate visiting dignitaries in the homes of local EIL members, Anil Agarwal, Anil Mehra, Harish Virmani, Vinita Sood and Iqbal Wasu left no stone unturned to make their stay most comfortable and memorable. Before concluding the function, the Sir Donald Watt Fellowship trophies and lapels were presented to Mr & Mrs Harish Virmani, Raj Sekhri, Dr & Mrs Vilas Pathange, Maj Gen Shammi Sabherwal (Retd), Deepak Oberai and Sandeep Mittal by National Chairman Kulin Munim.