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EIL celebrates ‘International Day of Families’

Dehradun, 21 May: Members of Experiment in International Living, Dehradun, on 19 May, heard the budding ‘shayars’ under the overall patronage of Kavi ‘Ambar’ Kharbanda. Ambar has the distinction of organising several such programmes all over the country and has been the recipient of many awards from organisations within and outside the country. He has also authored well-known books on ‘Sher-o-Shayari’.
Experimenter Anil and Indu Agarwal motivated the participants to create the narrative of the function, with the spirited contribution of Shalini Dhanda. The prominent participants included Vishal Bhatia, Anuj Singh, Anju Bhatia, Kiran Kashyap, Pramod Kapur, Maninder Mann, Anju Davar, Rakesh Agarwal, Dr Arun Kumar, etc. The participants were inspired to either recite their own poems or narrate lines of known famous ‘Shayars’.
In his opening address, Dehra Dun Centre Community Chairman Naresh Gupta spelt out the prominence of EIL. He revealed that The Experiment in International Living’s mission remained “to foster peace through understanding, communication, and cooperation” and “to share experiences, languages, and customs with those from different traditions, with the goals of broadening horizons, gaining lifelong friends, and advancing peace”.
While elaborating on role of ‘Family’ in day-to-day lives, he said that every year, 15 May was celebrated as International Day of Families (IDF). This day highlights the importance of families as a basic unit of society. The United Nations General Assembly picked 15 May as the day to reflect on the importance of families in the community. IDF also provides an opportunity to raise awareness on the issues related to families and increase the knowledge of the “social, economic and demographic processes affecting families”.
It was a ‘Houseful’ event with the elite of the town exchanging pleasantries and enthusiastically exchanging notes on the current political situation in the country and anxiously awaiting the results of the ‘Poll’ on 23 May.