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Enjoy Diwali, but stay away from firecrackers during pregnancy: Dr Sujata Sanjay



DEHRADUN, 25 Oct: “If you’re apprehensive that pregnancy can limit your enjoyment during Diwali, don’t worry. Rejoice in light and love, but avoid fireworks. You are free to paint diyas, decorate your home, let loose your creativity over rangoli and cook up Diwali awesomeness. But, stay away from the noise and smoke to have a Happy Diwali for you and your baby,” advises Dr Sujata Sanjay. “The primary reason being pollution of two kinds – noise and air. Here’s how firecrackers can affect an expectant mom and her baby. What you inhale goes into your blood stream and affects the fetus,” explains Dr Sujata Sanjay, Obstetrician and Gynecologist at Sanjay Othopaedic, Spine & Maternity Centre, Jakhan. “From the sixth to twelfth week, your baby’s organs are formed. So, it is of vital importance to avoid pollutants that get into your blood as you inhale. Pollutants inhaled by pregnant mothers can reach fetuses through the umbilical cord, and can result in babies being born with cleft lips and palates and defective heart valves.” “Although the second trimester is more comfortable for the mother, the little one in your tummy is rapidly growing and you wouldn’t want anything to hinder her development,” says Dr Sujata, further elaborating that the baby gains a good sense of hearing by the third trimester and loud noises will shock her tiny ears. Her strict advice is to keep away from the noise and air pollution during Diwali. Dr Sujata Sanjay, says, “In your first trimester, you should avoid any stressors, particularly pollution. Also, the festivities can get demanding causing spotting or bleeding. The second trimester is usually a breeze for most pregnant women. During your third trimester, your bump grows causing discomfort. Moreover, be careful while bending down or lighting diyas. Baby bump might hide your visibility while lighting lamps, candles and diyas. Also, there is a fear of injury due to firecrackers. Wear comfortable shoes and pack away any synthetic clothes while flaunting your collection of cotton saris.” While performing house chores, pregnant women should be very careful. Do not climb on stools or wash anything that requires a soapy solution. Accidents occur a lot during household chores. Dr Sujata adds, “In your third trimester, the uterus presses against your diaphragm decreasing your lung capacity. Moreover, your blood volume increases by the 32nd week to pump more blood for the little one. This in turn, causes palpitation and breathlessness. She added, “Crackers like “atom bomb” and “Lakshmi” contain highly toxic heavy metals like cadmium, lead, copper, manganese and zinc. Others have arsenic, mercury, chromium and iron oxides which lead to severe pollution after they are burnt. Moreover, pregnant women are more vulnerable to allergies, which is why they should stay away from smoke.” “Make sure you eat healthy foods at short intervals and do not compromise with your health. Eat right and avoid too much spicy and oily food. Diwali is about sweets, but pregnant women should eat minimum sweets. Eating too much sweet can increase the chances of gestational diabetes. Avoid going in for beauty treatments that involve too many chemicals or require you to bend over. In fact, stay away from repeatedly bending over to touch your elders’ feet as well! Everyone will understand,” she warns.