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By acharya balkrishna

If these dumb creatures had arms for their own protection
or they could speak like us, then they could have made us aware of their woes and sufferings. It is ironical that, these creatures don’t know the language of human-beings, it so for this very reason that we mercilessly kill these innocent and silent living souls, and cheerfully anknowledge this feat of murdering. We feel proud by killing and obtaining the meat of these animals, like dogs and foxes. Nothing can be a more gruesome act than this. It is an act of tremendoes ignorance and stupidity: though we can survive on vegetarianism, still we murder these innocent creatures.
It is a scientific fact that human beings by nature are herbivorous, and the anatomy of a human body is completely similar to that of herbivorous animals. Nature has given clear signs to distinguish between a herbivore and carnivore. Hervivores are identified as having closed eyes during the time of birth, they drink through mouth , their teeth are broad, they sweat, and they do not pant even after performing work for several hours; on the other hand, carnivores,such as dogs, have closed eyes at the time of birth, they open their eyes after some days of delivery, they drink water by the help of their tongue, their teeth are pointed, they don’t sweat, and they pant easily after running.
Science has proven that, the intestinal length of herbivores are longer as compared to carnivores, this is because: it takes longer time for the intestine for the complete absorption of vegetables as against meat and other non-vegetarian eatables. Non-vegetarian stuffs are already composed of blood, digestible juices, fat etc.; thus it consumes less energy for absorption. Small-intestine alone, is sufficient to carry out the entire process of absorption of non-vegetarian food.
Love: The energy determining the direction of life
Love is not lust rather worship. Culmination of lust, means, murder of love. Love is the pinnacle of devotion and faith. Love is the divine cool shade of serenity, warmth and affection, and is the respect for struggle, strength, vigour and self- esteem. The affection towards parents, teachers, masters, motherland, religion, philosophy and culture are the true love, sentiments other than these are just cravings, infatuations and delusions of mind in the name of the divine word called “love”.
Love is the only energy that can lead one towards multi-dimensional accomplishments. You can’t transform the beliefs of others by debates and arguments. Only years of satsaga (company of righteous people) culminates thoughtal approach and faith. Love is the result of long time satsaga. Therefore, thoughts, ideologies and faith are the subject matters of love.
Those who respect love and warnath: may initially be subject matter of Intially, some people may get annoyed from those who respect love and warmth but later on, they develop hapoonoss for them But, those who disobey tha promises and leave their resolution-for the sake of momentary, transient happiness and false respect, are not only miffed by their dear ones but also by the God itself.regarded as the Admiration for love is the true respect towards the God, parents and humanity.
If we wish to win others thereby, associate them with our thought process and if we aspire to make our views dominate over them by changing their perception, then we must adopt the path of love.
The vices and virtues of a person remain hidden in case of infatuation and hatred respectively.
There are no desires and greed, but just devotion (in love) develops sentiments of self-sacrifice to glority other accepting defect in lieu of other’s victory, persevering in order to lift other, living the vision of the other person by forgetting one’ s own, visualising the desires of others by sacrifycing one’ own desires. That’s why, where there is love, not just one, but both involved win.
Love gives immense bliss, serenity, prosperity and happiness in the lives of these persons. They not only make their own living meaningful, but also bless the mankind with an invaluable and distinct gift. They are remembered with great devotion, respect and serenity by the people of the ages to come, but these days people are in vigorous attempt to deglorify the name of “love”; some say- love destroyed my life; some say- love made me penniless; some even argue- I chould have done something else, but love didn’t allowed me to move ahead in life; some say-because of love the distance between me and my family increased; some critise that I was forced to comint this crime because of love; some even commit sucide by penning down that because of love I performed this act, but remember! you are doing a gruesome crime of polluting the word “love”. See! you have done a mistake, you have missed the target, that’s why your living has become meaningless and pathetic. Hopefully! if love had culminated in your lives, you may had become blessed, your living may had become priceless, you may had reached the pinnacle of sucees, prosperity may had surrounded you from all sides, you may had filled with life-force, your life may surely had become poetic and every second of your stay on earth may had become devoted for a divine work. If you wish to ignite love in your life, then this mantra is for you: you are not required to perform any other work, but to devote yourself completely in the work assigned to you. Do you duty with sheer loyalty and dedication. In this way, you will ignite love is your life, and your work will become Yoga. Your life will become blessed and upon getting you, this earth will also feel blessed.
Plucking a flower after being attracted to its beauty is caused infotuation, but getting last to being unaware of oneself, on being mesmerized to its beauty is love.
There is no room for any doabt in love, only space for complete faith, devotion and sacrifice.
When in love, people never think of themselves, they think of others first, In fact, such a competion of mutual aplifsment deveropes in love that the people in volved given priority to the other. A feeling of I want tjo live for you” develops in love. Do remember! love in not any agreement for marriage. It is that sacrifice in the hands of the lover, where then is no place for any sorrow, complaint, pain or tear.
The true nature of any object can be seen only when the heart is filled with love,
If we pretend to call any object as beautiful and attractive by coming under the influence of just then we must remember one’s this sentiment of just ends: the ugly picture of that object will come to the forefront, and its be assumed beauty will go away The question that arises here- How to identify or ditinguish it our perception is justful or an exposition of love? I will tell you-its answer, listen! If we experience immense satisfaction and tranquality, unparralles energy and continuous and unbreakable state of happiness by thinking about that person: then it means our heart is now filled with the feeling of love and our eyes are showcasing it. we are now filled with perennial love and not momentary state of lechery, Yoga has entered in to our lives, we are now free from bondages of just and desire, and we have become synonimous to virtues of idealism, respect and devotion.

(Extracted from “Divine Transformation: Building Blocks for Enlightened Life, Ideal Nation and Peaceful World”.)