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By acharya balkrishna

We should always live
with the following
spirit :
We must never think-What can I alone do? rather, ever think that what is it that I cannot achieve? Everything is possible in the world, nothing is impossible.
Kariye vacanam tava.
Our work culture is to follow the noble instructions of our Gurus and the holy scriptures to the last breath in developing our soul, society, country and the world.
Ego never allows a person to grow, and dignity never allows his downfall. Hence, we should become dignified and not egoistic.
A nation achieves excellence from the actions inspired by the wisdom of the elderly, experiences of the matured and courage, vigour and dignity of the youth.
Positive and negative vibes are continuously moving about in the three lokas (worlds) i.e the netherworld, the earth and the space. We should try to inculcate the positive energies from the cosmos and constantly progress in the direction of steady wellbeing.
It is not required to pay much heed on the opinion of people about us, about our planning and about our objectives. Do not bother, if people call you a day-dreamer. We must have faith in our own character. Do not allow a person’s views or any adversity to shake your self-confidence. A man is made by his beliefs. He becomes what he believes in. Sooner or later, the world definitely would pave a way for those who keep faith in their own abilities and move ahead.
Ýraddhamayoayam puruso yo yacchraddhah sa eva sah.
One must continue to persevere for further progress even after achieving success, but this is to be done only with the spirit of large heartedness.
Giving the control of your life to someone else is similar to letting your ship into such a stream whose destination is uncertain. Someone has said :
MuÜkilon se jo darte hain jall-e-khar (coward) hote hain, Badal de vakta k tasvr vo khuddar (self-respecting) hote hain.
Hajron dubate hain, nakhudaon (unatheist, dependents) ke bharose par, Jo nav khud calte hain, vo aksar par hote hain.
The only soution to end fear is to face it bravely.
We should not feel sorry for being repeatedly unsuccesful, because we have infinite time in our hands. Incessantly performing our duties will definitey yield success; may be today or tomorrow.
Do not expect any help from other, in fact, nobody has the capacity to help us. Do not blame others for any kind of hardships, because in reality nobody else can hurt us. We are both our own friend and enemy. We are responsible for the good or bad situations we find ourselves in. The change in attitude will obviate all kind of adverse situtions.
»Atmaiva hyatmano bandhuratmaiva ripuratmanah.
Dependence on others makes us all the more helpless and distressed. For guidance, always look at yourself first and do not ask for any help from others. Our truthfulness makes us firm and our firmness will take us to our goal.
We should keep our mind occupied with productive work and never let it be idle. We should lead a thoughtful life. We have the grand goal of accomplishing self-upliftment and the time is indeed, very short. If we keep wandering randomly due to inattentiveness then we surely will suffer and will lead ourselves into even more pathetic conditions.
Maintaining patience and hope will soon develop the ability within us to face all kinds of situations in life. Be self-dependent. Others search for materiacistic wealth, but we should search for inner wealth.
Ingratitude is the greatest sin, living with the spirit of gratitude is nobility.
The spirit of gratitude is a very a powerful process of trans- forming energy and bringing more positives in life.
We shall always remember that a heart filled with gratitide is always closer to the tranquility and prosperity of the universe.
Sentimentality wipes out wisdom and insensitiveness destroys humanity. Therefore, be sensitive, not sentimental. It is sensitivity which awakens and motivates a person to perform the righteous actions for the self, nation and humanity.
Independence does not mean wilful conduct, but, rather it refers soulful behaviour, practicing discipline of the system and self-discpline.
Wayward independence makes a person, society and nation autocratic, despotic and unwise. Bondage or forceful hypocritical discipline blunts a person. Hence, viveka (wisdom: the quality that enables one to distinguish between the right and wrong) is not to be compromised due to either independence or discipline. One can discover truth only in natural or innate independence. Independence devoid of a virtuous character turns into a terrible curse.
Faith and belief in the whole existence is theism. Hence, visualising the invisible in the self-evident; enormity in atom; universe in body and the tree in its seed is termed as theism in true the sense.
He is called a theist who is ever authentic. So, an honest person is a theist.
Whatever we are today is because of prarabdha (the impressions from the previous birth), and our tomorrow is determined by our present purusartha (dilligence).
Just as a sculptor shapes idols from rocks, we similary design our density with our actions. Hence, we are the creators of our own density (future, life).
He is not fortunate whose destiny is good, but the one who is happy with his destiny is called lucky.
Wealth is not earned by simply planting a ‘money plant’ at home. Hardwork and preseverance is required to earn it. Today’s dilligence shapes the destiny of tomorrow. So, instead of being a fatalist one should believe in perseverance. Dilligence stands for transforming today’s complaints into tomorrow’s power. We all shall be perseverant.
Heaven and hell
Svarga (Heaven) or Naraka (hell) does not refer to any particular place. In fact, heaven is related to the enjoyments. The idea or proconception that heaven is an abode to deities such as Indra, Rudra, Varuna etc. is inappropriate. Father, mother, teacher, learned persons, yogis, siddha puruas (accomplished personalities), helpful, generous persons and celibates are the only divine beings.
Hell means living in sorrows. Hell stands for deprivations, sufferings, sorrows and pains in life and after death taking birth in lower woeful species of insects, dogs, cat, goats etc..
The happiness and sorrow of animals such as dogs, ants, pigs and human beings are not the same; animals suffer more than human beings. The thought that ‘they are happy in their body and we are happy in ours’ is incorrect. Man is blessed with special features such as enhanced brain, limbs, speech etc., hence, we can live a more comfortable life when compared to other species , who are not endowed with features like ours and have limited independence, so they suffer more than us.
Taking birth in a rich and affluent family to erudite parents and acheiving sublime happiness, serenity, facilities, respect, and fearlessness are regarded as svargaprapti (attaining heaven). Among the means of achieving heaven are– executing paca-mahayaja, securing quality education, charity and performing righteous actions.
Among the reasons for securing hell are indulging in corruption, promiscuity, non-vegatarianism, alcoholism, drug-addiction, theft, falsehood, deception laziness and negligence in performance of actions.
Hell and heaven can be achieved in this very life. Getting sorrows, pains, deprivation, bondage, fear, diseases and separation of dear ones in this life is experiencing hell whereas, procuring sound health, wealth, prosperity, position, fame, happiness and serenity is to achieve heaven.

(Extracted from “Divine Transformation: Building Blocks for Enlightened Life, Ideal Nation and Peaceful World”.)