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Era change is possible only with spiritual knowledge: Satpal Maharaj


By Our Staff Reporter

Haridwar, 13 Apr: On the second day of the three-day ‘Sadbhavna Sammelan’ at Rishikul College Ground held, today, under the aegis of Manav Utthan Sewa Samiti, State Minister Satpal Maharaj said, “Change is possible. When the propagation of spiritual knowledge from India will spread all over the world and positive change will happen, only then will era change become possible.”
He reminded that in the battlefield of Kurukshetra, when war was about to take place, Arjuna asked Krishna to take his chariot between the two armies as he wished to see which warriors had come to fight. On seeing them, Arjuna lamented, “O Krishna, this one who is my brother Kaurava, is a teacher, friend and relative. I do not want to sin by killing him, I can live by begging.”
Krishna made Arjun aware of his duties and showed him his universal form. Seeing the cosmic form of Krishna, Arjuna performs his duty and achieves victory.
Maharaj emphasised that, when a seeker performs spiritual practice by obtaining knowledge of the soul from the Sadguru, then all disorders and doubts get destroyed and positive changes take place.
Addressing a large number of devotees from around the country and abroad at the Sammelan, Maharaj said it was the result of increasing positive thinking in the country that, during the tragedy of Covid-19, India prepared the vaccine in a short time and provided it free to the people. The vaccine was also sent to other countries. He said that the impact of Covid-19 had definitely reduced in India, but caution and vigilance were still necessary.
He added the goal is the Supreme Father-Parmatma, the mind should be constantly engaged in that pursuit. Knowledgeable deeds had to be performed in life. A person becomes enlightened on attending satsang and listening carefully.
Maharaj concluded that there should be true love and service in one’s mind for the Guru, therein lies the welfare of the devotees.
Earlier, former minster Amrita Rawat, Vibhu Maharaj and others were welcomed with garlands. Other seers also gave talks on the Gita andRamayana. The Kabir Cafe group from Mumbai enthralled the audience with its bhajans. The event was conducted by Mahatma Harisantoshanand.